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Te Wero Updates

An ongoing series of informational entries


May 9, 2021


I've listen to a lot of Podcasts and Influencers and lemme tell you it is really hard to be consistent and keep up with the socials... 

I have 5 categories that I am working on:  

Te Reo Māori Videos |  Kupu Hou | Ngā Atua Māori | Reviews | Pikitia 

So far so good, but lets just see how long I can keep it up. lol 


February 2, 2021

Tekau mā rua nga kemu e haere ana ki Tamaki Makaurau | 12 Games off to a Kura in Auckland !

Soo excited, I hope one day Te Wero will be in Kura all across Aotearoa, I created Te Wero with the thought that this game can be used as Flash Cards for pepi and as our Tamariki grow they can continue to explore and challenge themselves with the many levels and play options Te Wero has to offer.  

ko toku tino moemoeā hoki. 


January 26, 2021

After many back/forth emails from our suppliers and forwarding freight company (honestly 3 weeks of it) we finally received all of our stock ! 

WOW ! 

What a mission it was, even the delivery part.  Aue!  Buuut we have them and I can't wait to get all Kickstarter fulfilments sent off,  so don't forget to respond to the Survey. 

I was going to take a really cool crate photo of all of the boxes and then I forgot.  So here is a cute photo of Momo + Te Wero instead. 


December 3, 2020


Even though our Kēmu haven't arrived I still wanted to keep the momentum up and decided to launch our website with some Pre-Orders ! 

I was so nervous about getting a sale.  So when one came through I was soo excited, elated but excited that someone was wanting to purchase our Kēmu !  All of the hours put into Te Wero for it to come to life was well worth the feeling of making our first sale. 


December 3, 2020

After doing some research and comparing which platform to use I decided on Vistaprint, it was one of the cheaper unknown sites that was simple to use,  had everything I needed and not as pricey as Shopify or Big Cartel, also not gonna lie.... I was lazy and couldn't be bothered with another trial and doing a whole website again.  KTK 

All the nerves kicked in again when launching the website, so many what if's running through my mind, is everything in the right place, is the spelling right? is the backgrounds going to work ? Still had to muster up the courage and hit that Publish button !  


October 30, 2020

Guess What !!!! YAAAAAS !  

Finally tallied up all of the Pre-Orders through our Kickstarter Campaign aaaaaaaaand.... TAHI RUA WHITU! 127 units ! That means we get to fund a Tree Planting with Te Rahi o Tāne. 

This means so much, because we are a card game and our Taiao is something I hold dearly,  to be able to incorporate, tautoko and give back to our Taiao through Te Rahi o Tāne, e menemene ana te manawa <3 

E ai ki te Māori he hononga ita tō te tangata ki te whenua me te taiao.


October 03, 2020

We started our journey back in August 2020 with a Kickstarter campaign, Kickstarter is another fundraising platform similar to Pledge Me or Go Fund Me... and well...  We did it!  

100% Fully Funded!

We want to give credit and a big FAT SHOUT OUT (doitz!) to all of our fundraising backers, if it wasn't for your support & interest in this project then we will still be in square one. 

Piiki mihi kia koutou katoa: 

More information on our Kickstarter Campaign HERE

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